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My residential service is customized to fit each and every customer's different needs.  Each and every service will begin with a proper inspection around the entire property.  Once all target pests have been found, a proper treatment method will be determined to achieve a pest free environment.  Also, as a free bonus with every regular service performed, all of those accessible spider webs will be gently removed to give your home a clean look.  Its important that my customers know what is happening in and around their home.  All pest activity will be communicated  to insure customer satisfaction.  Free call-backs always!



My commercial service is designed for all businesses and facilities no matter how big or small.  Keillor's Pest Solutions is insured and bonded in accordance with all state and federal laws to insure your protection. 

Every commercial service includes a thorough inspection of the entire facility/business inside and out.  Interior non-toxic monitoring stations along with insect light traps, pheromone traps, and exterior monitoring stations will be used to insure a proper inspection every service.   Once all stations have been checked and replaced if needed, any and all target pests will have a specific treatment method to insure their proper control.  Lastly, a professionally written Integrated Pest Management Report will be compiled with all necessary actions needed to insure a pest free environment.  Any time insect or rodent issues pop up between regular service dates, just call 530-828-7035 and I will come out right away for no extra charge to fix it!

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