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When a customer requests an estimate for service, you need to be professional in many different ways.  Being prompt when it comes to showing up exactly when its requested by the customer for appointments, looking professional, always carrying shoe covers to insure to keep customer's homes and businesses clean, paying attention to customer needs, listening, and then providing the proper service treatment methods to insure all pest issues presented by the customer are taken care of.  Of all of these items listed above, you can be assured that Keillor's Pest Solutions will check all the boxes and then some.  That's because I am very passionate in exceeding my customer's expectations and providing the best Integrated Pest Management Solutions.


                                                    Justin Keillor 


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Hi, My name is Justin Keillor, sole owner/operator of Keillor's Pest Solutions.  With Keillor's Pest Solutions you can be rest assured that your home or business will be taken care of in a trusted and professional manner.  I have been in the pest control industry for almost my entire working career.  I am very passionate when in comes to making sure my customers are taken care of, and protecting the environment in the process .  I am here to make life less stressful when it comes to worrying about all of the damage causing insects and rodents that are in and around your home/business.  My pest service will be customized to fit your needs and take control of those pesky ants, black widows, roaches, earwigs, fleas, ticks, pantry moths, rats, mice, slugs, and all sorts of crawling insects.  All pest control companies are  NOT the same.  Make the trusted choice today! 

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My goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing the best Integrated Pest Management Solutions, and that it be done in a caring and environmentally friendly way.